Way to go Canada ! ! ! !

Well what can I say! Canadian athletes – you were amazing!!!!! What a fitting end to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I decided to follow the 2010 Winter Olympics mainly because my children are at the age where they can understand the meaning of unity and patriotism and what it means to be a Canadian. I wanted them to feel proud of who they are and where they live. In the end, I accomplished my mission with flying colours. All throughout the Games, both my daughters were fascinated by the abilities & determination of these hardworking athletes from all around the world. This only stressed the message we have been trying to teach our girls is that anything is possible when you put your mind and heart into it.  Greatness can be achieved through the power of a dream

Stephen Moccio and Alan Frew created a wonderful score that embraces the spirit of the Olympic Games.  "I Believe" sung beautifully by Nikki Yanofsky, has resonated across this country powerfully uniting Canadians.  From the awestruck child witnessing the Olympic Torch pass them by leading to the Games to the Gold Medal winning goal by Sidney Crosby 7:40 into overtime play, Canadian athletes have done us proud ! 

The CEO for the Vancouver Organizing Committe for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games was quoted as saying,  “I believe we Canadians tonight are stronger, more united, more in love with our country, and more connected with each other than ever before. These Olympic Games have lifted us up. That quiet, humble national pride we were sometimes reluctant to acknowledge seemed to take to the streets as the most beautiful kind of patriotism broke out all across our country." 
I just wanted to share some of my favourite moments from the Games and I invite you to do the same!  There were so many !  So proud to be a Canadian!
Believe in the power of you and I.
Anything is possible.

Sidney Crosby celebrates lifting a gigantic weight from Canada's shoulders after scoring the winning goal in overtime against rivals US.  This hockey Gold medal was the icing on the cake for Canada!

Canada's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir win the Ice Dance gold medal.
The pair won Canada's first gold medal in the event.
Jon Montgomery of Canada reacts after winning the gold medal in the men's skeleton on day 8 of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games