~Tip Tuesday~ - From the Knot to the Nest!

Kitchener Wedding Planning

Coming back from your honeymoon and trying to organize after the wedding can be stressful for newlyweds.

Just to get you started, here is a checklist to keep you in that honeymoon relaxing state!

 Kitchener Wedding Planning


1. Clean and store your gown

Within six months of getting married find a specialized laundromat for wedding dresses and store in a cool dark place.


2. Change your name

Make sure to change your name on your Driver's license, Passport, Social Insurance Card, and at your Credit Card companies.


3. Call the taxman

            Now that the two of you are a married couple, you can choose to file your returns together or separately for your yearly taxes. Talk to your accountant before making this decision!


4. Thank-you notes

Try sending out your thank-you notes within two months of getting married. Don’t go crazy and try and finish them in one day, set a goal for yourself and they will be done before you know it!


5. Tackle registry returns

Dealing with a pile of unnecessary registry gifts can be put on hold until after you have come home from your honeymoon. You do need to keep in mind that each store will have a different policy for returns & exchanges.  It is easier to tackle this within two months of the wedding to ensure you exchange the gift for exactly what you need.


6. Finalize wedding album and DVD

Very important!!!  Don’t put off your photo selections!!  It would be great to have all the photos and the wedding DVD on your first wedding anniversary. Keep in contact with your photographer and videographer to ensure you haven’t been forgotten!  This task can slip through the cracks very easily!


7. Legal beneficiaries

Becoming a unit allows your spouse to be your beneficiary. Contact your insurance company and HR departments for the paperwork necessary to start the process.  Decide which work health plan will best suit both of you.  Talk to your doctors and family lawyer for recommendations if you are having some trouble deciding.


We wish all our of our brides & grooms-to-be a beautiful wedding day!  But don't forget, it doesn't stop there! 

..............That is just the beginning!


Smooth Sailing everyone!



Article written by Emily Sousa – Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

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