Your Ultimate Henna Style!

Henna, or Mehndi as it is also known, is a signature part of South Asian Wedding festivities. It has become part of the brides’ “Shingar” – her makeup, on her wedding day.

From subtle to elaborate designs, henna is a time-honoured tradition marking a joyous celebration in a woman’s life. One of them being marriage.  Along with representing love & happiness of marriage, henna has also earned the reputation as an irresistible sensual allure… the guarantor of success and marital bliss!

With all the artistic henna designs out there it can be overwhelming to actually choose one that reflects you! Here are some tips on how to have your Ultimate Wedding Henna.

First Choose your Style…..

Depending on what region you are from, you will come across different styles of Henna. Here are just a few…

1. Persian Style Henna - Persian Henna design has a gentle rhythm to it. Whether you choose a swirl based design or a geometric pattern, it will be repetitive and meditative.

2. Middle Eastern Style Henna - Cascading images, accented with flowers and open spaces adorn the contours of your hand.

3. Matching Henna – How does your Henna artist designing a one of a kind, original design based on the patterns of your bridal lengha sound? Pretty fantastic and totally you!

4. Pakistani Style Henna – Spanning from your elbows and going to the tips of your fingers, Pakistani Henna involves total coverage with intricate designs. For brides choosing this design, look for a Henna artist who has precise designs with fine lines, and who works very quickly! Otherwise you will be sitting for more than 4 hours!

5. Rajasthani Style Henna – Since this particular state is filled with many, many cultural images, so is their henna! Whether you choose Ganesh Ji or a Raja & Rani you are guaranteed gorgeous designs. Just like Pakistani Mehndi, this is a full coverage look, so make sure you pick your henna artist carefully!

6. Glitter Style Henna – Give your Henna a modern look with a touch of glitz and glamour! The latest designs add crystals & glitter to Henna designs, giving a whole new meaning to the word bling!

Then Choose your Henna Artist …..

Although all Henna artists will tell you they can do any of these styles (which may have some truth to it), when you take a look at their work, you will most likely see a definitive style to it.

If you are an Indian bride who wants any of the full coverage Henna style, you must look for an artist who has defined designs with very fine lines. The work should resemble a lace type pattern, and be very clean and neat. Also, ask the Henna artist how long that type of design takes them to do. Typically it should be no more than 2 hours for your arms.

Also look for a Henna Artist that is careful about what products they use. Black Henna is chemically altered to leave a black stain on your skin. For the side effects, please visit:

I suggest you ask your Henna artist about the ingredients in their paste and if you have any doubts, don’t have it done.

Lastly, Choose your Colour …..

For that rich rust colour every time, here is what you should do:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly, and apply Eucalyptus oil to your hands. Just a few drops is enough. This creates a moisturized base, so that the Henna doesn’t dry out.

2. As your henna is being applied, have one of your bridesmaids gently dab the dry areas with a cotton ball soaked in a mixture of lemon and sugar. This prevents the Henna from flaking off. Just make sure it is completely dry before you start touching it!

3. The final tip is the most important one of all! Place about ten cloves on a frying pan and heat them up. Hold your hands directly over the pan (careful not to burn yourself!) The smoke from the cloves will make your henna much darker……….. and get you out of housework for a few days!

For traditions sake, you can ask the artist to hide your groom’s name or initials in the henna of your right hand. After your have exchanged your vows, shared a first dance, and dashed off from your reception, tell your groom that you have a game for him to play. Ask him to find his name or initials in your henna! But don’t’ tell him it is all in your right hand, it’s more challenging that way! And, if he finds his it and wins, you get to give him a special prize…but, I’ll leave that part up to you!

Good luck and please send pictures of your henna
– I would love to see it!

Show off your sense of "Style" !!