You're Engaged !

The romantic proposal and the resounding "Yes" have catapulted you to cloud nine!  

No need to rush the wedding planning.... enjoy this part!  Share the news and show off that ring!  Take time with your new fiance and just revel in the moment.  It's okay!


A few weeks of basking and then you can get down to business!  

The first place you can start, if this is something you would like to do, is to officially share the news!  Announce to your friends and family that you are engaged by calling or sending a quick email (which is totally acceptable!).  To those who prefer to hear this kind of news the traditional way, then by all means pick up the phone and share the happy news!  You don't want to offend anyone right from the get go!  

This is only the beginning. There is a lot that is involved with planning a wedding and we are here to help!  


Happy Planning!



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