Bella Swan's Bridal Shoes

Although I am not a true, die-hard, "line-up-the-night-before-to-get-tickets", Twilight fan, I did watch the new installment in the series...."Breaking Dawn".  

Being a fan of the genre itself, one of the things that caught my eye were Bella's stunning wedding shoes!!!!  I absolutely love them!!!!  

Aptly named the "Swan Pump", Manolo Blahnik's specially designed shoes are quite the fashion statement!   Classic white satin paired with luxurious rhinestones makes them perfect for a fall or winter wedding.  For those of you who I've peaked your interest... they are available!!!!!!

You can get these beauties at Neimann Marcus!  Click the link and see what you should be prepared to shell out for a pair of Blahniks!  Despite the hefty price tag, I still am a fan of these beautiful shoes!  Oh and one more thing.... they come in two other colours!!!!

Manolo Blank

Manolo Blahnik

I am in love with these shoes the more I look at them!

Hope you enjoyed this "eye candy"!  Who doesn't love a little bling??!!!

~ Happy Planning! ~