Taking a break & reconnecting...

During the wedding planning process, couples tend to get overwhelmed and frustrated.   This is when one needs to step back....and take a break.  I can't stress enough to my brides & grooms how important it is to take some time for themselves in order to "recharge" and re-focus on life.  

A few weeks ago, after a very busy week, I myself needed a breather.  I had the opportunity to visit a very good friend, after a very long time and I decided to make it a "surprise" visit.  What a surprise it was.

When I showed up at the office, my friend came out expecting another patient and was stunned to see me!  Exactly the reaction that I was hoping to get!  I know that I needed to reconnect with a friend and it turns out that he needed that too.  It was so nice to hear.

We chatted over smoothies and caught up on life.

Amidst both of our very hectic lives, it was nice to slow it down.  

I left the office feeling really good.  It was nice that my little surprise was so well received.  I had taken the time and 'recharged' myself.  I helped someone else do the same - I was ready to take on the rest of my day.

Whether it be a coffee date with your fiance, an afternoon at the spa with girlfriends or a mini getaway to somewhere exotic, please take the time to refocus, reconnect and recharge. It will do you wonders!


~ Happy Planning! ~