Dessert Style Wedding Receptions!

Why not try something different?  

How do Dessert-Style Receptions sound!!!???

Now this is something we could get on board with!  

There are some benefits to approaching your reception planning in this manner.  Let's talk about a few and along the way... enjoy some dessert inspiration!

1.  By skipping to the * BEST * part of the reception, you can actually expand your options to a long list of sweet confections!  Also you can cover a lot more variety with regards to the flavor pallettes that walk through the door at your reception!


2.   A common occurence at wedding receptions is that guests tend to get "stuffed" from their 3 course dinner and have no room for the good stuff!  This alternative to the sit down formal meal will allow them to partake of many different varieties of desserts but without the large portion size.

Wedding  Wedding

3.  A third benefit of going "Dessert-only" is that since you are not paying the high cost of feeding your wedding guests a full meal, you can focus your budget on splurging on delicious sweets or even other aspects of your wedding planning.

Wedding  Wedding

Wedding  Wedding

After all those scrumptious sweets are chosen, you don't have to resort to just displaying them on a simple table.  You can get creative here too!

Add some texture & depth with high and low display stands, different styles of glass containers, plates and fun themed takeaway bags.  You could also play off the colours you are using for the wedding.  

The list is endless regarding "what" you could include for sweets.  Truffles, doughnuts, macroons, tarts, cheesecakes, shortbreads, fudge, candies.. and the options go on and on.

An array of artfully displayed bite sized confections will be sure to please each and every one of your weddings guests!  Go ahead and be inspired!

My sweet tooth is calling after all that eye candy!


~ Happy Planning Ladies! ~