~Trendy Mondays~ Stopping all Traffic!

Today's Trendy Monday feature is courtesy of our intern Emily and her trip to Montreal!

While walking to a subway station in Montreal, Emily saw this daring bride capturing a unique photo opportunity.  What attracted Emily to this was that it was being done in the middle of the street while the busy traffic rushed in the background!  At times the girls had to run out of the way of traffic but then were promptly back in the middle of the street! 

 Kitchener Wedding Planner Kitchener Wedding Planner

Emily loved the idea of stepping to the streets to embrace everyday life!  A gorgeous and different alternative to the traditional bridal portrait! 

Out of the ordinary and out of the box is more of what we are seeing when it comes to the wedding details.  Why not?  Who says you can't step away from tradition?  

What is the out of the box element you've incorporated into your big day?  Let us know!