Theme Thursdays ~ A Party for the Bride+Groom!

Everybody knows what a bridal shower is and since it takes two to get married why not invite the groom and his pals to have a couples shower?  They are becoming more popular as a pre-celebration for the bride and groom to have fun and party with their loved ones together.  Steer clear of too much feminine touches and go for a theme of shared interests or hobbies.  Food is always a good focal point to keep the gentlemen’s stomach satisfied combined with some gorgeous cupcakes, you get the best of both worlds.  Throw in some games and there you have it, a perfect recipe to party co-ed style.  Finally add gifts and well wishes for the soon to be newlyweds and your Jack and Jill party is complete!


Here are some ideas....

How about a little country or retro charm?


Now for the games....

Most traditional wedding shower games won't interest the men at all.... too girly!  The way to go would be to have a "Couples Quiz".  See how well the intended couple really know each other with some fun questions!  Another twist would be to have the male version of the toilet paper wedding dress game.  How about the toilet paper tuxedo game!  What about Karoake?  That could be a very entertaining part of the evening!



Here is a summary of what should be taken into consideration....

1.  Bride + Groom's input before planning begins

2.  Date + Time that is conveniant for the couple

3.  Consider a location other than your own home if the number of guests is large

4.  Choose a theme.  Remember to create an atmosphere where the men will feel comfortable as well.

5.  Decide on dress code.... formal, casual???  A lot of people like to enjoy being dressed down so keep this in mind.  It all depends on the theme of your coed shower.

6.  Plan a menu - food is always important!  A party that is catered or even just wine + appetizers would be great!

7.  Consider whether or not you want a "gift opening" portion of the event.  To be honest... the men might get bored....  You could provide an alternative such as an outdoor activity or a sports event on TV.

8.  Depending on the guests and couple, decide on whether or not to have games.  If so, try to come up with games that involve the men without seeming too cheesy or corny!

9.  Try to limit the shower to a couple of hours. To avoid people lingering far beyond your expectations, include both a starting and ending time on the invitation.


Above all else - have FUN planning!



Article written by Keenda Sisousphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination