Just Because....Day 81

This bouquet is absolutely gorgeous!  Vibrant colours, a stunning brooch and the choice of blooms make it such an eye-catching piece!  

The combination of Calla lilies, Amaryllis, Roses and Plumeria work so perfectly together!  The plumeria especially gives it such an exotic feel!  Perfect for a destination wedding and great because they are artificial!  No worries on not being able to get the colour you want or wilting blooms!



Just Because....Day 37

A little "something something" sweet ALWAYS inspires us! 
We've actually made this de-lish treat a few times and it is always a hit!


Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Curious to find the recipe... here it is!

{courtesy of the lovely Martha Stewart}

Prep Time: 20 min. | Total Time: 1 hour 45 minutes | Makes: 2


  • 1 1/2 cups (3 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1 bar (8 ounces) cream cheese, room temperature
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 6 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • Nonstick cooking spray



  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. With an electric mixer, beat butter and cream cheese until smooth. Add sugar; beat until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Mix in vanilla. With mixer on low, add flour and salt in two additions, beating until just combined.

  2. Generously coat two 8 1/2-by-4 1/2- by-2 1/2-inch loaf pans (1 1/2 quarts each) with cooking spray; immediately pour in batter (pan will seem full). Tap pans on work surface to eliminate any large air bubbles.

  3. Bake until golden and a toothpick inserted in the centers comes out almost clean, 60 to 75 minutes (if the tops begin to brown too quickly, tent with aluminum foil).

  4. Cool 10 minutes in the pan. Turn out the cakes; cool completely, with top sides up, on a wire rack.

    For best results, bake these cakes at least a day before serving.  Store, wrapped in plastic, for up to three days at room temperature, or freeze for up to three months.




You can also bake the batter in a 4-quart tube or Bundt pan. Increase the cooking time by about 5 minutes. 

The Wedding Dreams Bridal Show is this Weekend!

Wow!  It's amazing how time flies! 

We are wrapping up the details for setup at The Wedding Dreams Bridal Show and are getting so excited to meet all the Brides+Grooms that will come out this weekend. 

To be honest, that is the part of the show that I love.... talking with the couples and hearing their stories.  How they met.... their special proposal stories and of course what they have planned for their special day. 

All show attendants will be treated to a beautiful fashion show featuring Bridal Shops from the local area.  We love taking a moment to watch a part of it too!  What girl doesn't love looking at wedding gowns???  Lots of stunning designs to be seen! Here's sneak peek from the last Wedding Dreams Show! 


Right here in this area we have so many talented and amazing Wedding Professionals to choose from and a lot of them will be at the show this weekend for you to meet!  Including us!

There are over $25,000 in prizes to be won this weekend!  For those of you trying to convince your intended hubby to join you this.... well you can entice them with the words "Groom's Room".  A sanctuary where he can just hang out, have a drink at the bar, listen to some music, munch on some snacks and try his chances at the longest golf drive contest.  A little something for the bride and the groom this weekend!

Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination will be at Booth # 167... be sure to drop by and chat with us!  We are all about peace of mind for your wedding planning process.  We LOVE what we do and would love to be a part of your wedding day.   

See you there!

~ Style Wednesdays ~ Flowergirls!

Forget the adults playing an important part in the wedding procession; the limelight clearly belongs to the Flower girls!!!  After all, she does lead the way for the bride, showering her path with petals guiding her to her groom. That is a big job for a little girl to take on so it’s only fair that we show you some of the cuties that have had the honor of being a flower girl. Their styling is both inspirational and heart melting!      

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

The flower girl, usually is an adorable little lady between the ages of three to eight, proceeds down the aisle just before the maid of honor, scattering rose petals as she goes. She can follow the ring bearer (if there is one), and sometimes she will even precede the bride. Traditionally, she totes a basket full of petals, but other alternatives include wrapped candies, + confetti. Also, instead of scattering items, she can carry a single bloom, a pomander, or an umbrella just her size.  So many options for such an important girl!  To include her in on the process you can ask her what she would prefer to do.  

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning  

You can never underestimate the power of the "buddy system".  We love the thought of having two flower girls or pairing up the ring bearer + the flower girl so that they can walk together, side by side.  Partnering them up will give them the added confidence they need.  All eyes are on them and it can be daunting!

  Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning 

Another helpful idea would be to seat the flower girl's parents toward the front of the ceremony so that she can focus on them and be encouraged by their big smiles!  The very young flower girl should sit with her parents after she walks down the aisle.  If the flower girl is a "poised little lady", she can be asked to stand at the alter with the other bridal party.  How special will that make her feel!!!! 

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning 

If possible, invite the flower girl to attend the shower and/or the Bridesmaids' lunch (if there is going to be one) to increase her comfort level around the other bridal attendants.  The goal is that seeing friendly + familiar faces on the big day will help to ease any anxiety.
These are just some things to keep in mind when choosing your special little lady for your big day.  Now here is a VERY SPECIAL little flower girl we couldn't pass on showing you!  So adorable!
Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning
Happy Planning Ladies!!!!
Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination 
{Excerpts taken from The Knot}



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Inspiration Fridays~ Birds of a Feather!

I have been seeing birdcage displays in nearly every shop window and as various home accents and furnishings. 2012 saw an increase in popularity in bird themed home décor and fashion and it has been predicted that it will take off in the wedding world in 2013, especially come spring. The bird theme adds a whimsical and vintage feel, almost taking you into a fantasy world.  Be inspired by these ideas….there is so much you can do!




Have fun planning this one ladies!


Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

Theme Thursdays ~ A Party for the Bride+Groom!

Everybody knows what a bridal shower is and since it takes two to get married why not invite the groom and his pals to have a couples shower?  They are becoming more popular as a pre-celebration for the bride and groom to have fun and party with their loved ones together.  Steer clear of too much feminine touches and go for a theme of shared interests or hobbies.  Food is always a good focal point to keep the gentlemen’s stomach satisfied combined with some gorgeous cupcakes, you get the best of both worlds.  Throw in some games and there you have it, a perfect recipe to party co-ed style.  Finally add gifts and well wishes for the soon to be newlyweds and your Jack and Jill party is complete!


Here are some ideas....

How about a little country or retro charm?


Now for the games....

Most traditional wedding shower games won't interest the men at all.... too girly!  The way to go would be to have a "Couples Quiz".  See how well the intended couple really know each other with some fun questions!  Another twist would be to have the male version of the toilet paper wedding dress game.  How about the toilet paper tuxedo game!  What about Karoake?  That could be a very entertaining part of the evening!



Here is a summary of what should be taken into consideration....

1.  Bride + Groom's input before planning begins

2.  Date + Time that is conveniant for the couple

3.  Consider a location other than your own home if the number of guests is large

4.  Choose a theme.  Remember to create an atmosphere where the men will feel comfortable as well.

5.  Decide on dress code.... formal, casual???  A lot of people like to enjoy being dressed down so keep this in mind.  It all depends on the theme of your coed shower.

6.  Plan a menu - food is always important!  A party that is catered or even just wine + appetizers would be great!

7.  Consider whether or not you want a "gift opening" portion of the event.  To be honest... the men might get bored....  You could provide an alternative such as an outdoor activity or a sports event on TV.

8.  Depending on the guests and couple, decide on whether or not to have games.  If so, try to come up with games that involve the men without seeming too cheesy or corny!

9.  Try to limit the shower to a couple of hours. To avoid people lingering far beyond your expectations, include both a starting and ending time on the invitation.


Above all else - have FUN planning!



Article written by Keenda Sisousphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination