Meeting Style Me Pretty's Editor-in-Chief!!!

Along with meeting some talented professionals in the wedding industry.... attending The Wedding Soiree last month was an opportunity for us to meet Style Me Pretty's Editor-in-Chief.... Abby Larson!!!!  

How excited were we!!!!  

Style Me Pretty

Let me tell you.

Abby is a such a warm-hearted and welcoming person that I felt like we were friends catching up when I had the chance to speak with her!

Style Me Pretty Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty is a top resource for a bride planning her wedding.  The tremendous amount of inspiration and ideas that this blog shares is fabulous!  For someone who lives, eats and breathes wedding like we do, Abby is more than happy to share insights into all-things-wedding!

Remember brides & grooms:  This is your special day... be inspired to make it one that you will forever remember!

Centred around a theme.. here are a few things about how to approach planning a wedding, that Abby shared with us all at her workhshop!

 Kitchener Wedding Planner

We also wanted to thank Abby's husband Tait, who is the "Technical Guru" behind Style Me Pretty, for talking with us as well!  We learned a lot!

We had a wonderful day!

Kitchener Wedding Planner