~ Style Wednesdays ~ Perfect Nails!

So you are planning everything from your dress, shoes, accessories to hair & make-up..... but what about your nails?  As a bride you want to look beautiful and feel special so why not complete your look with a little nail art.  Be a little adventurous!   We've seen some "adventurous" out there already!  There are designs that are simple and elegant, to patterns, colours and adornments. Find what speaks to you!

Today is all about the visuals!  Enjoy the nail art!



Remember if you are getting nail extensions, they take some getting use to so get them put on in advance and have them re-touched before the wedding.  Think ahead and match your toes and finger nails to make sure they stay in tip-top condition right to the end of your honeymoon.

Last but not least your bridemaids’ nails should complement yours and not overpower your design, keep their artwork simple.  Perfect-nail-harmony! 



Now for some bolder colour!


Our personal faves.....


Hope you enjoyed today's fun inspiration!


Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination