~Trendy Mondays ~ DIY Wedding Favours

With all individual couples comes varying budgets and with the economy being what it is; DIY is becoming a popular way to save money or just an alternative quirky idea. There are an array of options out there and you can pretty much make anything yourself with basic materials. (When I say ‘yourself’ – I mean invite the girls over and bribe them with wine to start a mini factory line!)

DIY doesn’t have to spell disaster or tacky! Choosing the right thing to make and producing it with love makes all the difference. It can be beautiful and really show off your personality and when you get the great feedback from your guests, you will reap the rewards knowing that it was made with your own bare hands! (I know you can feel that glow inside already)

I have pulled together a selection that will hopefully tickle your fancy!


Check out this interactive favor idea taken from Becoming the Mrs.  Have your guests see your night out with a spark by handing out sparklers as favors and pair it up with match boxes so they also have something to keep afterwards. You can personalize the favor by adding your own message which can easily been designed on your computer. This is a unique idea and presents lovely and fun photograph opportunities.

wedding planner planning kitchener wedding planner planning kitchener

wedding planner planning kitchener

 Mix CD Favours

If you like the personal touch, then why not mixed CDs??  Remember…. mix CDs have come a long way since the ones with cheesy photos + poses on them!  Put your favorite love song compilation together to share with your friends and family. To make it more about you as a couple,  add an insert that tells a story behind each song. A great one for you music lovers out there!

wedding planner planning kitchener wedding planner planning kitchener wedding planner planning kitchener


Honey ~ Jam ~ Sweet Favor Jars

Now who doesn't love something sweet after a meal??? We know we do!  Wouldn't any one of these options satisfy your sweet tooth?  Honey in your tea?  A little jam with your cake?  Or how about some candy on your way to the dance floor?  Take a look at these great options for your guest favours!

wedding planner planning kitchener

wedding planner planning kitchener wedding planner planning kitchener

We have more in store for you!  Check out next Monday's blog post for more DIY Favour Ideas!

Happy Planning Ladies!!!!


Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination