DIY Project Idea - Scrabble Coasters!

We absolutely LOVE this idea!  

Here is another project for the ambitious DIYer.  Whether you use it as part of your bridal party gifts or as your favours for each of your guests (allot enough time do all of them), this DIY project will definitely catch their attention!

Quite simple to make, all you need is the following to these Scrabble Coasters:

Scrabble Tiles ~ Cork or Old Game Board for backing ~ Sealant

Scissors ~ Raffia or Ribbon ~ Patience!


First you need to decide how large you want to make the tile.  A size that we would recommend would be 3.0 x 3.5 inches.   A second consideration would be decided if you want all 4 rows containing words or have one row that is a word that relates to your wedding.  For example the simple word - LOVE.  

For the backing you have a couple of options.  You can use a thicker sized cork or you can use an old game board.  All put together with a good sealant (ie: super glue) you have a wonderful little gift!

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