2013 Wedding Dress Trend....Bold Colour!

Something old... something new.... something borrowed.... something ....Red????

One of the new trends that has hit the runways for the Spring 2013 season.... is bold colour!!!!  Namely RED!!!!  You read right!  Shades of red running the gamut from scarlet to deep magenta graced the runways at Bridal Market. 

We have been very busy here at Style & Elegance looking at all the new styles & creations unveiled by the top designers at New York's 2013 Bridal Fashion Week.  A common element that came through with designers was the focus on colour.   

Traditionally associated with weddings in Asian cultures, red is making a bold statement here on the western fashion scene. 

Whether you looking to take a fashion risk, want to go less traditional or you just can't resist the idea of a bright, bold colour... there are some great designs out there for Spring 2013 that you can choose from. 

 Have a look at some of Vera Wang's Collection of gowns the wowed the runway audiences at Bridal Fashion Week!  

~ Enjoy! ~


Vera Wang Collection 2013

Vera Wang   Vera Wang

Vera Wang 

Vera Wang  Kitchener Wedding Planner

Vera Wang  Vera Wang

{Photos courtesy of Dan Lecca}

Style Fact - In Asian cultures, red symbolizes Prosperity, Love and Joy.


~ Happy Planning! ~