DIY Wedding Idea

Here’s another one for the DIY files ladies!

How cute are these??!!  Perfect for a whimsical summer reception. 

This could be the perfect opportunity for you and your bridesmaid to have a girls night and check another item off your list while having some fun!

Here’s how you can have this little sweet little detail a part of your wedding celebrations!

DIY Wedding Project

{Photo courtesy of Papermash}


You will need the following:

Mini Doilies (template via Papermash) Cardstock paper ~ Pencil ~ Scissors

Wooden Skewers ~ Glue Stick ~ Hot Glue & Glue Gun

Accents for tops (your choice) 


Step 1 – Cut out a small circle template and trace onto the cardstock paper.  You will need one for each parasol.  Cut out each and mark the centre.


Step 2 – Use the glue stick to glue one circle onto the centre of each doily and let it dry.  This will help to reinforce the paper and make the parasol sturdier.


Step 3 – Cut from the edge of the doily to its centre and bend into a cone shape.  Seal with glue.


Step 4 – Glue a button, bead or any embellishment you’ve chose to the top of the parasol and let it dry.  (You can get really creative here!  Stars, crystals, stones…the sky is the limit!)


Step 5 – Use the hot glue gun to attach the wooden skewer to the inside of the parasol.


Now you have a super cute DIY element to your cocktail hour!  Your guests will love it!

For the template for this project, visit Papermash.   Check out all the cool paper products while you’re there


~ Happy Planning! ~