Wedding Tradition or Superstition?

Ever wonder why it's bad luck to see the bride before the Big Day?  Here are a few answers to those wedding traditions and superstitions!

Let's start with the basics... have you ever wondered why your ring finger was always known as just that?  According to history, the Ancient Greeks were convinced that the ring finger was connected to your heart through a specific nerve.  This means that your heart will always be with this ring that your beloved has given to you. Pretty cool right?

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What about seeing the bride before the special day? Believe it or not, this tradition was not always as romantic as it may seem today!  Back when arranged marriages were the only way of getting married to one another, the bride were to be kept almost a secret to ensure that the groom did not back out of the deal. If he were find out her identity or not find her attractive, the marriage could be tarnished and the 'business transaction', as it were to be known back then, would be off. 

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For those of you who dream about getting carried through your front door by your "knight in shining armour", this tradition actually started a long time ago within the Western European community.  The original idea was to carry the bride into their new home to ward off any evil spirits.  They also believed that the groom should carry the bride over the threshold to prevent the bride from tripping over the door into the new house, bringing bad luck into the home and marriage!  Interesting... I think I like the idea of being picked up after a long day of wearing heels, right ladies?

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Now as for other traditions, like taking the garter from the bride, this originally came from Medieval Times when there were to be a witness of the marriage. The witness would take the garter from the consummation of the wedding and show this as evidence that it actually happened. Nowadays, the groom is intended to take this from the bride but it seems that the tradition is still very much entertaining!  For some inspiration in this department try visiting Bridal Garters!

Ever heard that rain is seen as good luck for your wedding day?  This tradition sparked from the Hindu Religion as being good luck and a sign of a strong marriage. The reason for this came from the idea of trying to untie a wet knot and seeing that it was harder than untying a dry one. Seeing as how we use the term 'tying the knot' quite often, this tradition seems to be quite accurate.

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Above all of these traditions that have been used for generations and generations, it is always nice to have those of your own! Traditions don't always have to 'foresee' your marital future but can bring loving families together! Besides, that's what wedding days are for!


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Article written by Charlotte Rodgers ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

Theme Thursdays ~ Weddings in Uniform!

The majority of military weddings take place in military chapels or academy grounds. However, if you wish to have it elsewhere; you must inform your installation.

Like with any other venue required for your ceremony and reception, you have to book in advance and plan ahead.  Although no fee is charged, a donation is expected as a gesture of thanks.

Generally the flowers, candelabra and other décor are arranged by the Chapel but these rules vary across the country and some couples are able to make their own plans.

Traditionally, the bride, groom or both will dress in military uniform and although it’s not mandatory, it is customary for them to walk under the Arch of Sabers or Swords (dependant on the whether you are Army or Naval) after the ceremony. This ensures the newlyweds a safe passage to their new life together. 

This memorable ceremony takes place outside the church or chapel consisting  of 6 to 8 officers with a head usher issuing the commands, starting with ‘Form Arch’ or ‘Center face’.  Detouring from tradition, it has become the norm for the last two officers to block the couple demanding they kiss before completing the walk. The use of the sword doesn’t stop there as the couple also use it to cut their wedding cake too!

Check out some of these gorgeous military couples on their big day!

*Melt my heart*

You know what....there's something about a man in uniform



Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination