Now ladies.  We can't forget during all this wedding planning that we have to think about the groom!  As much as it's said that this day is all about the bride, really it is about the both of you!  This is the beginning of your journey together, really a test of sorts to see how you both can handle the trials and tribulations of planning-a-wedding!

Here are some elements of the wedding that are specific to the groom that he can be involved in deciding (among other things... ) because really he is the one that is going to be wearing it!  Have a look and maybe you'll find a middle ground with your husband-to-be with regards to all things PINK!  



Boutonnieres, which are mini-corsages worn on the jacket lapel, often incorporate or compliment the flowers used in the bouquet of the bride.  It all depends on the statement you want to make....what shade of pink is chosen.  They can range from the palest pinks to the brightest fuschias.   This first boutonniere would fit right in to an outdoor, nature themed wedding celebration.  We also think that some grooms may not mind this shade of pink as much since it's not too "light"!  


Now on the other hand you can choose a very pale pink to play into the romantic theme you may have chosen for your wedding.  This second boutonniere accomplishes this very well.

 Now for those of you ladies who have a group of boys that are the life of the party and really love to have fun... this idea may be up your alley!  Matching socks!  Give them a chance to show off their "fun" side!  We LOVE this idea!!

pink wedding

Another accessory that leaves room for some creativity is the necktie!  You can go patterned, solid, whimsical or even very serious.  Whatever you choose gentlemen, just make sure that it represents you and you feel good wearing it!  So important!!

tie  pink tie

Now you can really have fun and choose the next option!  This will totally speak to your personality gentlemen!

bow tie

One last thing that I wanted to showcase was the "subtle" accessory - the cufflink.  

You can really go wild and unique with this item depending on your personalities!!!  Here are some of my faves!  


Remember brides & grooms - make this "your" day and let it show through the details!!!

~ Happy Planning! ~