Style Wednesdays~ Valentines Day Style!

With this week being about LOVE, we thought we would share in the "love" and bring you some gorgeous + stunning  alternatives to the white wedding gown.  For those of you who like to go outside the box and try something different.. today's post is just for you!

"Love is in the air......"....enjoy what we have for you!

We've mixed in some celebrity gowns for you too... every bride is unique and you may or may not like the style but it is a starting point.... "inspiration" to get the juices flowing! 

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Bold!  But then again, she wouldn't be Gwen if she didn't show her style!

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

This A-line, floor length, tulle design is stunning!  We love the shading in the skirt!  Very romantic ....

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Ruffles ... lots of ruffles!  An element of "playfulness" to your dress can set the tone for your celebrations.

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Go bold or go romantic.... colour can always be in your favour!

Happy Planning Ladies!


Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning


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~Inspired Fridays!~ Pinks and Pearls!

Today we are in a romantic mood!  Our favourite mood to be in!  

All the soft hues of pink, pearls and classic images we are seeing has inspired us to create this board which we hope ... inspires you!!

There is so much visual inspiration out there that it can be easy to get "lost" and overwhelmed.  

Take all the images in and maybe a "romantic spark" will get the wedding planning in motion!  Our personal favourite of the images below.... the beautiful cake dripping with pearls!

~ Happy Planning Ladies! ~


Style Me Pretty


Now ladies.  We can't forget during all this wedding planning that we have to think about the groom!  As much as it's said that this day is all about the bride, really it is about the both of you!  This is the beginning of your journey together, really a test of sorts to see how you both can handle the trials and tribulations of planning-a-wedding!

Here are some elements of the wedding that are specific to the groom that he can be involved in deciding (among other things... ) because really he is the one that is going to be wearing it!  Have a look and maybe you'll find a middle ground with your husband-to-be with regards to all things PINK!  



Boutonnieres, which are mini-corsages worn on the jacket lapel, often incorporate or compliment the flowers used in the bouquet of the bride.  It all depends on the statement you want to make....what shade of pink is chosen.  They can range from the palest pinks to the brightest fuschias.   This first boutonniere would fit right in to an outdoor, nature themed wedding celebration.  We also think that some grooms may not mind this shade of pink as much since it's not too "light"!  


Now on the other hand you can choose a very pale pink to play into the romantic theme you may have chosen for your wedding.  This second boutonniere accomplishes this very well.

 Now for those of you ladies who have a group of boys that are the life of the party and really love to have fun... this idea may be up your alley!  Matching socks!  Give them a chance to show off their "fun" side!  We LOVE this idea!!

pink wedding

Another accessory that leaves room for some creativity is the necktie!  You can go patterned, solid, whimsical or even very serious.  Whatever you choose gentlemen, just make sure that it represents you and you feel good wearing it!  So important!!

tie  pink tie

Now you can really have fun and choose the next option!  This will totally speak to your personality gentlemen!

bow tie

One last thing that I wanted to showcase was the "subtle" accessory - the cufflink.  

You can really go wild and unique with this item depending on your personalities!!!  Here are some of my faves!  


Remember brides & grooms - make this "your" day and let it show through the details!!!

~ Happy Planning! ~



Here we are again with some more "PINK" inspiration! 

Today I wanted to showcase one of my favourite accessories - PURSES!  It is so true that the little "details" that are incorporated into your wedding day really do set the tone for your celebration.  The littlest thing could say whimsical & fun or totally traditional.  

Knowing what statement you would like to make on your day will guide your decisions.... right down to the last detail!

Ladies - I know you will love what we have on the blog today.  

~ Enjoy!! ~

This one is fun!

 Another cute one!


Here's a classic one.... with just enough bling!

I'm partial to this next one... not too much pink but enough to give a statement!

Very romantic!


Be inspired ladies!

~ Happy Planning! ~



Well we were on a bit of a break for a while!  Lots of prep for Wedding Shows took a lot of our time!  Rest assured we are back and armed with lots of ♥PINK♥ Inspiration! 

To start off Day 12 we are looking at more Wedding Gowns!  Really we could look at wedding dresses ALL day!  

Let us know your favourite!  We know we had a hard time choosing!

~ Enjoy! ~

How soft & romantic was this one!  Love it!

Check out all this texture!  You can have so much fun with this!

Go ahead ladies - dare to be different!!!!  It's your day! 

~ Happy Planning! ~



Today our Pink Inspiration is ALL about that "sparkle" that turns us into BRIDES!  The engagment ring!  

Different shapes & sizes appeal to different brides.  We all hope that your partner knows you well enough to pick out that perfect ring just-for-you.  

Even for them, I can imagine it is a stressful process!!!  Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat!  So much to consider!  Here are just a few teasers of what is out there.  

Which is your preferred Pink Bling?


Love this Pear Shape & the shade of pink!

For those of you with a romantic "heart"!


Well we have finally reached the inspiration that REALLY peaks my interest.  

My favourite part of the wedding reception - The Wedding Cake!  Oh how I love this part!  ♥ ♥ ♥

These pieces of art a reflection of the bride & groom's style and taste.  Designs can range anywhere from the simplistic statement piece to the grandiose masterpieces that are favourites of the rich and famous.  

We haven't even begun to talk about what's inside these creations!


Which one is your favourite???


Look at this intricate work!  What talent these cake artists have!

How fun is this one!

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♥Pink Wedding Inspiration♥ Day 8

Style & Elegance has been a little busy the last couple of weeks!  Bridal Show season has begun!  That's why you haven't been seeing our ♥Pink Wedding Inspiration♥ blogs!  

We are determined to catch up and we are starting off with the amazing works of art!  

When it comes to the focal point of each guest table.. you really can make them a reflection of your personal style and taste.  Whether it be a representation of your simplistic, minimalist style or your over the top, bold nature, you will be able to wow your guests as soon as they walk into the room!

Hope you are inspired by all of these Pink Table Designs!  They really are one of a kind!


How romantic is this one!

Now for those of you who want to make that "WOW" statement, here are some designs that will serve as great wedding inspriation!

Now the last is an absolute eye catcher!

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