Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Re-Used!

Some brides have this idea of keeping their wedding dresses for years later to either pass down to a loved one or to just keep in the closet for a rainy day. However, if you're not one of these brides and you don't necessarily have any interest in storing your dress for the years to come, keep on reading! We have some great ideas for you to keep the small memories of your beautiful dress without it taking up so much of our precious closet space ('cause let's be honest... we can never have enough! )

Since your wedding day was such a magical memory you will treasure forever, why not re-purpose it for the people you love? Some brides have taken their rainy Sunday afternoons to do a little crafting with their old wedding dresses by making them into blankets, or sheets for their future baby's room. Or even a beautiful dress or piece of clothing for you or your young one to wear.

If you are feeling extra creative you can even go as far as make your wedding gown into a beautiful cover for your baby's crib/ cradle. Precious is definitely the word to describe this idea! 


If you're thinking of a way to re-purpose your dress that will last even longer in the family than a baby's crib, than how about make your gown into a few accent pillows, or maybe even getting them made into a bed set for you and your special someone! How romantic!


Pendants and necklaces are always a great way to go to carry a small part of that magical day with you everywhere, and this idea is easy to pass down to your kids one day instead of giving them the full burden of a dress.

Another wonderful idea if you are the festive type is to re-purpose your wedding gown into holiday decorations for that time of year! If you celebrate Christmas this is great idea for making stockings or a tree skirt out of your timeless dress.


Whatever idea you choose, it will feel amazing to always be reminded of that special day and to look back on those enchanting moments knowing that there are so many more to come!


Until Next Time,




These shoes were made for Glamour!

Not that I can pull these off but I'm sure there is a beautiful lady out there who can!

These darlings were part of a styled session we had the honor of being involved in.

How stunning are they!?

For more clicks of this GORGEOUS styled session... click this link!

A big thank you to Urban Bride Boutique for supplying these beauties!

Happy Love Day!



~ Styled Session Photography ~

courtesy of..

Anne  ~ Anne Edgar Photography 

Carla ~ CGE Photography

Laura – Vision Photography 

Erika ~ Ten to Ten Photography

Lyn ~   Lyn Ismael

Wedding Hairstyles.... Do's & Don't's

Getting down to the smaller details of your wedding can be exciting, but even these smaller details need some thought to make sure your special day is as wonderful as you've always dreamed.

Admit it ladies... we have all had that dreaded "bad hair day".  Don't deny it!  You know it's true!  Don't let that be the case when it comes to your big day.  No need to worry, there are steps you can take to make sure you are 'picture perfect' for your wedding.

First and foremost... make sure you have a trial.

We can't stress how important it is to have a hair trial.  You get to see a 'glimpse' of what the end result will look like.  Who knows ... what you thought would look great when you walked in may end up not being what you choose.  Be open to suggestions.  Try a couple different looks and make sure you take pictures!  Have a friend or one of the ladies from your bridal party go with you to your hair trial.  They can snap photos of your different looks from all different angles so that you make sure every side is your best side:)  Also your "paparazzi's" snapshots willl help you remember what your hair looked like after you've left your appointment!

Remember to keep in mind the theme and style of your wedding and reception.  Bring a photo of your dress and ask the stylist to suggest something that would fall in line with that.  Be sure to bring any accessories you had planned to use and have them incorporated into the trial (ie: headband, brooches, veil etc...).  That way you get the 'full picture'!  It's a good idea to have your hair trial about 4-6 weeks before the big day.. that way there's still time to make adjustments and make a final decision.  

What's in this season is very loose curls and loose up-do's! Having that very relaxed look to your hair is a style that you see all over the celebrity circuit.... so why not on your wedding day! This hairstyle keeps not only your look flawless but makes it look effortless as well! 


Another beautiful up-do to try with your hairdresser is the side swept style! This style can either be done with all of your hair done up or with some hanging down oh-so elegantly!


If you find you have shorter hair and aren't able to put it all up try having your loose curls fall gracefully down the back! These loveable curls make anyone look amazing and give that finished look to any gown!

Some "don'ts" to keep in mind when choosing your wedding day hair include...

Don't assume your regular hairstylist is the best person to tackle your wedding day hair.  They may not be experienced in the area of wedding up-do's and such.  You may want to get referrals from "just married" friends or look online for those pros that can help you achieve your vision.

Don't forget about the neckline!  It is important to take into consideration your wedding gown/outfit when deciding your hairstyle.  You don't want to 'hide' that beautiful beaded work on the top part of your dress by draping long curls over it!  Consider having a half up half down look in that case... If your dress is strapless this would be an option as well to avoid feeling and looking too bare.  Some cultural wedding outfits are very ornate.... all over!  In that case, along with the accessories that usually accompany these beautiful gowns, you can get away with some work being 'covered'.


Don't assume you're speaking the same 'language'.  It's important to remember that what means something to you may not be interpreted that way to someone else.  "Sophistication" may mean separate things to you and your hairstylist.  We recommend that you bring 'images' to illustrate your vision.  Something tangible that the stylist can draw inspiration from and know exactly what you're looking for.

For those of you with shorter locks, have no fear!  Here are some gorgeous styles that will inspire you!  Accessories, whether it be stunning earrings, a blinged out headband or a delicate flower, play a key role in giving your look that extra 'umph' it may need!




Until Next Time..

~ Style Wednesdays ~ Boutonnieres for Men!

Every now and then we like to throw in something for the men.

There are no set rules but it is usually those in the wedding party and close family who wear boutonnieres as recognition of the couple honoring them. Some may choose to extend it to the ushers or ceremony readers.

The groom should wear it on his left lapel (closest to his heart!) and should have something different to the groomsmen as it is his big day! Traditionally you could wear a single bloom like a rose bud or carnation but with so much variety why not choose something different. Check out some of our favourites.  



The Knot have so many on their website, it was hard to choose but here are a few we liked.



From Martha Stewart Weddings we found some truly unique ones which have something special about them.

How about these beaded ones that can be can also double as a keepsake from the big day. 


Some DIY ideas from the Crepe paper flower to the Ribbon bloom. It is an inexpensive way to go. 


Pink Nerines in two styles (left) decorated with a button and pink ribbon or (right) some good luck from a Japanese Knotted boutonniere made from Mizuhiki cord.



Whatever your choice jut make sure it is reflecting YOUR personalties!

Definitely have fun with it!  Like this one...



Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination


~Trendy Mondays~ ‘Something new’ to carry down the aisle!

Say no to flower power and opt for something completely different!  With each bride wanting to add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to their wedding, there are so many alternatives to choose from.  As beautiful as flowers are, they are not for everyone but some of these other “details” might just be down your ‘aisle’!

Bouquets have been replaced by many things that make a statement reflecting the bride’s tastes and personality. Check out some of the items that have made an appearance at weddings.  

A parasol can add elegance to the bride’s outfit, especially in satin, lace or silk. It is also practical too for an outdoor wedding to shade you from the sun or protect you from the rain!



How about a decorative fan to match your theme?



Light up with a candle bouquet for that romantic ambience.



Whether it be metal or paper, lanterns are a great alternative to the traditional floral bouquet.  Bring out your personality with this detail of your wedding.  It could even double as a part of the reception decor!  The bridesmaids place their lanterns on the head table and there you go - instant decor!


Normally this would be the bible, but brides nowadays are going for their favourite books instead! 


A plethora of ideas to choose from and the list doesn’t end here, anything goes!

Have fun with it! 




Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination


~Tip Tuesday~ Work with what you got!

Kitchener Wedding Planner PlanningThere are millions and millions of wedding dresses to choose from out there and no doubt it can be one of the most overwhelming decisions of wedding planning for brides. So many things to consider!!! Silhouette, neckline, fabric, colour and detail.

Start simple and research what style you like and what suits YOU best, For example, princess style gowns flatter almost everyone, but mermaid cuts works best with taller brides.

Don’t feel like you need to spend thousands of dollars on a top designer dress....especially since you will only be wearing it for one day. A great option is to buy used and you can have it tailored to fit perfectly without having anyone know!

Be non-traditional.  

Don’t feel as if you have to go with what has been done; wear what YOU want and what YOU like. If you feel white is not the colour for you, go for a shaded dress.  If you are not liking the length... gof for a shorter dress.

Keep in mind, this is YOUR day YOU pave the way!

A good rule to remember....  in ten years looking back on your wedding photos, will your dress look dated ? (remember the neon dresses from the eighties!)


Some "Shopping for the Dress" Pointers..... 

Kitchener Wedding Planner PlanningBook an appointment- Most bridal shops need to know in advance so they can pair you with a Bridal consultant.



Kitchener Wedding Planner PlanningHave an idea in your head what you are looking for, but be open to options.  Veil, no veil, lace, beading, elegant or bold???? What you come in the salon with may not be what you leave with! 



Kitchener Wedding Planner PlanningStick to your budget.  You don't want to to be disappointed in the end when you have fallen in love with a dress that is going to break the bank!



We hope you are able to enjoy the Wedding Dress shopping experience.... the thing to remember... don't let it overwhelm you!  Enjoy the moment and you will find the perfect dress for you!

Happy Shopping ladies!!!!!


Style Wednesdays ~ Give a girl the right shoes.....


We couldn't have said it better!  In the realm of weddings, shoes are very important! They can make or break the whole look of the bride!  Okay we might be exaggerating but the right pair of shoes can definitely complete your bridal look. 

Here is one "rule of thumb" to follow:

Fancy shoes for a simple dress or simple shoes for an elaborate gown.  You don't want to over-do it with everything fancy or not have enough "umph" with everything from head to toe in simple mode.

By all means go for the fun and exciting option when choosing your shoes.  You must love the ones you choose and feel absolutely gorgeous with every step you take on your big day.

One important thing to remember is to always have a backup pair of shoes for later on in the evening when the party gets started.  By that time your feet will have been through the ringer.  You probably have already kicked off your heels and they are sitting under the head table!  The thought of putting them back on.....unthinkable!

Check out all this gorgeous goodness that could accompany your manicured toes!!!!  Whimsical to glamourous and all shades between...a fab pair of shoes is like the cherry on top!



We love the polka dots!



Don't forget to pack that pair of comfy shoes!  Your feet will thank you!

~ Happy Planning! ~




~ Style Wednesdays ~ Bridal Jewellery....

Welcome to 2013 everyone!  Lots and lots of wedding goodness to come this year!  Why not start the year off with a little sparkle?????  

You want to look perfect on your wedding day and be the most beautiful bride there has ever been! We have given you tips from the most on trend wedding dresses to hair, nails and now jewellery. Beyond your dress, enhance your outfit with jewellery; be it a pair of small pearl earrings or a large blinged out necklace. Here are some pieces that caught our eye!


Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning


Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning 

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

We just love anything that sparkles!  Hope you liked something you saw here today.

One more thing... which one of you ladies got a little something sparkly over the holidays?

Let us know!  We would love to hear your story!


Article written by Keenda Sisousphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

Style Wednesdays – Be the ‘mane’ attraction with beautiful hair on your big day!

You have the perfect dress, so it only makes sense to have gorgeous hair to go with it!  Here are some tips and ideas to make sure you look amazing from tip to toe.

Whether it’s you or a professional doing your hair, make sure you plan ahead. If you want a colour, perm or treatment do it a few months in advance to allow the style to soften and look more natural. You will also have time to fix it if it’s not exactly right!  You can also get a trim a few weeks before to neaten your locks and make sure there are no split ends.   

Practice makes perfect so get your stylist to give you a trial and envision yourself as the bride. Bring your veil and any accessories/jewellery you will be wearing to the trial and get the full picture.  Whatever style you choose, make sure it’s comfortable and reflects your natural style. Last thing you want to do is go over the top or have a headache from having your hair pulled too tight!

Many brides are taking this opportunity change into a different dress for their reception.  Why not have a slightly different look for your party?  A little more fun and edgy?  Something that will go with your reception a little more!  It’s worth consideration.   





How cute is this next one???!!!!

Whatever you decide be sure you are happy with the outcome!

Happy planning!


Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style and Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination


Swag Barn - Couture Feather Accessories

We here at Style & Elegance LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet new people.  This is no secret!  

We love to talk shop!  This is no secret either.

While attending The Wedding Soiree last month we had the chance to meet and talk with so many fabulous vendors (that we hope we get the chance to work with at some point in the future!)  

It is wonderful to see all of these people doing what they LOVE.  They have such a passion for their art that it shows in their creations!   

On that note, let us introduce The Swag Barn.  (Love the name!!!)

Makers of one-of-a-kind, handmade couture feather accessories, Swag Barn's philosophy of "high end but down to earth" allows for the highest quality at affordable prices.  Specializing in Bridal hairpieces and veils, special occasion fascinators and children's hair bling, Swag Barn and it products are definitely ones that you should check out! 

It's always fun to shop for "accessories"!  Take a look at what Swag Barn has to offer!  You may just like what you see!

Here is a sampling of what we saw at The Wedding Soiree!


You HAVE to check out the children's line!!!  How cute!

For more awesomeness, check out

~ Enjoy! ~


For the love of DIY!

Here we are again with another installment of our DIY inspiration!

Today's ~ wedding goodness ~ comes in the form of FLOWERS!  

Whether it be for a backdrop for your ceremony, the little detail on your guests' tables or even in the lovely bouquets held by your bridesmaids....the imagination can run wild with a DIY flower project.  

If you are ambitious enough and want to save a little when it comes to cost, this may be the way to go!  With ample planning and time to execute, you can create a beautiful and unique element that is all about you and your personal touch.

Take a peek at the below inspiration and get creative!

 Kitchener Wedding Planner

How cute are these boutonierres!  

Newsprint, coffee filters, origami - all can find their way into crafty hands for flower bouquets, centrepieces and other decor

Kitchener Wedding Planner

Origami Flowers!

A nice touch would be to incorporate them on your cake!

Kitchener Wedding Planner

Take a look at these gorgeous chiffon and tulle flowers!  Perfect as accent on a flower girl's headband or even a sash for a bridesmaid.

Kitchener Wedding Planner

These are so vibrant in colour and so simple in scale that it's totally do-able!

Kitchener Wedding Planner

We can't forget about the stars of the show - the flowergirls!  These parasols would be something they would carry around with pride!  How cute!

Last but not least.  I absolutely love this idea for a backdrop!  For this fun couple, colour was the name of the game!  This backdrop is just the personal touch added to their wedding that sets the tone for the festivities to come!

Kitchener Wedding Planner

LOVE this one!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed todays DIY Inspiration!


Kitchener Wedding Planner


Wedding Shoes that make a Statement!

We have become lovers of shoes.  Plain and simple.  It’s an addiction really.   If you are one that is very fashion forward and conscious of your everyday style, then your wedding is going to be no exception and you are going to want to make a statement with what you choose!!

This wedding trend has seemed to catch on fire.  Lots of bold colours and styles that can help define your theme for your big day. 

These are just some of our faves in the “wedding shoes” category that we’ve come across during our travels!

Hope you enjoy and let us know which style tickles your fancy!



* Loving the Heel Bling! *

Steve Madden  Christian Louboutin


  Valentino    Yves Saint Laurent


~ Happy Planning! ~




Now ladies.  We can't forget during all this wedding planning that we have to think about the groom!  As much as it's said that this day is all about the bride, really it is about the both of you!  This is the beginning of your journey together, really a test of sorts to see how you both can handle the trials and tribulations of planning-a-wedding!

Here are some elements of the wedding that are specific to the groom that he can be involved in deciding (among other things... ) because really he is the one that is going to be wearing it!  Have a look and maybe you'll find a middle ground with your husband-to-be with regards to all things PINK!  



Boutonnieres, which are mini-corsages worn on the jacket lapel, often incorporate or compliment the flowers used in the bouquet of the bride.  It all depends on the statement you want to make....what shade of pink is chosen.  They can range from the palest pinks to the brightest fuschias.   This first boutonniere would fit right in to an outdoor, nature themed wedding celebration.  We also think that some grooms may not mind this shade of pink as much since it's not too "light"!  


Now on the other hand you can choose a very pale pink to play into the romantic theme you may have chosen for your wedding.  This second boutonniere accomplishes this very well.

 Now for those of you ladies who have a group of boys that are the life of the party and really love to have fun... this idea may be up your alley!  Matching socks!  Give them a chance to show off their "fun" side!  We LOVE this idea!!

pink wedding

Another accessory that leaves room for some creativity is the necktie!  You can go patterned, solid, whimsical or even very serious.  Whatever you choose gentlemen, just make sure that it represents you and you feel good wearing it!  So important!!

tie  pink tie

Now you can really have fun and choose the next option!  This will totally speak to your personality gentlemen!

bow tie

One last thing that I wanted to showcase was the "subtle" accessory - the cufflink.  

You can really go wild and unique with this item depending on your personalities!!!  Here are some of my faves!  


Remember brides & grooms - make this "your" day and let it show through the details!!!

~ Happy Planning! ~



Here we are again with some more "PINK" inspiration! 

Today I wanted to showcase one of my favourite accessories - PURSES!  It is so true that the little "details" that are incorporated into your wedding day really do set the tone for your celebration.  The littlest thing could say whimsical & fun or totally traditional.  

Knowing what statement you would like to make on your day will guide your decisions.... right down to the last detail!

Ladies - I know you will love what we have on the blog today.  

~ Enjoy!! ~

This one is fun!

 Another cute one!


Here's a classic one.... with just enough bling!

I'm partial to this next one... not too much pink but enough to give a statement!

Very romantic!


Be inspired ladies!

~ Happy Planning! ~



Today our Pink Inspiration is ALL about that "sparkle" that turns us into BRIDES!  The engagment ring!  

Different shapes & sizes appeal to different brides.  We all hope that your partner knows you well enough to pick out that perfect ring just-for-you.  

Even for them, I can imagine it is a stressful process!!!  Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat!  So much to consider!  Here are just a few teasers of what is out there.  

Which is your preferred Pink Bling?


Love this Pear Shape & the shade of pink!

For those of you with a romantic "heart"!

♥Pink Wedding Inspiration♥ Day 7

What shall we talk about today????  I know what I love to look at - SHOES!  Especially Christian Louboutins!

Check out this eye candy!  Let us know which one catches your eye!

Remember to donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

♥ Be a part of the fight. ♥


Hmmmm.. It's hard to choose my fave from this group!



Inspiration for your Bridal Look!

Now Ladies.  We are all about being unique when it comes to our special day and we shouldn't have it any other way.  

One of the hot trends that brides are making unique to their personal style are Bridal Hair Accessories.  These works of art can range from the simple to the elaborate custom designed pieces that will leave a lasting impression.  

We hope the beautiful designs of Italian Toni Federici serve as inspiration for your upcoming wedding!  Check out her website for more!

Let us know which look you like!!

~ Happy Planning! ~