~Theme Thursday~ Themed Engagement Shoots

What better way to announce your engagement than to capture that happy moment and share it with your friends and family?  Themed engagement shoots are becoming the most popular way to do your save the date and let’s face it, who couldn’t do with an extra album of beautiful pictures and memories! You can also incorporate them into your wedding progams, favors or as a newspaper announcement.

Another advantage is that you get the chance to know your photographer and what works for you before your photo shoot on the big day! It’s like a trial run to explore and refine the poses that will give you the most amazing pictures. Many photographers are beginning to offer this in their packages in order to build a relationship with the couple to make sure they are at ease and to ensure better results for their wedding day.

Be creative and show off your personalities, re-live a memory even.  There are so many choices! Here are some of the trends that have popped up during our research: Destination shoots, Urban settings, adding your pet, quirky poses and of course, themed!

Be inspired and have fun with it!

A returning favourite!

Every girl knows the beautiful love story from The Notebook. See if you remember any of these scenes..


Can you guess which movie inspired these shoots?




So many ideas! Why not entertain the idea!  See where it takes you!


Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination