Just Because....Day 15

It's the same routine... flip, flip, flip, bill, bill, pre-approved credit card, bill......and then you see it!  A handwritten envelope!  An actual stamp!  A familiar name in the corner! Slowly you open it... the anticipation of seeing a friendly note from a friend, a birthday card or an invitation to a wedding.  You can't explain why but it feels great!  For me personally, I LOVE getting mail.  That's one of the first questions  I ask when I get home each day. 

All the technology and speed of communication in the 21st century have made the personal note a dying art.  I have tried to impress upon my daughters this dying art and it's working... out of the blue they will have the urge to send their grandparents or cousins a little note to say hello or thank you.  They have made someone's day better ..... mission accomplished I say. 

Hope I've inspired you to send a little note to someone you care about, it will for sure brighten their day.  What's better than that?