The Perfect Wedding Song

"Every breath, every hour has come to this....."  - 

There is one song that has been swirling in mind for a little while now.  The lyrics are so beautiful, poetic in a sense. To me in anyway....  

I can really see it as a romantic first dance song for soon-to-be married couples.  I hope one of my couples considers using it this year!

The enchanted voice of Christina Perri sings this beautiful song, capturing the "meant-to-be" nature of the love between two people.  The lyrics just stuck with me.  There's the romantic in me again!    

Whatever your first dance song may be....  a romantic, heartfelt ballad or something fun and upbeat....make sure it something that is meaningful to the both of you... 

Have a listen to this lovely song.... and let me know what your favourite lyric is!  We would love to hear your comments on the blog!



If you are a Twilight fan then check out the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack - "A Thousand Years" is on there!