~ Tip Tuesdays ~ You’re Engaged!

Kitchener Wedding PlannerSo he has popped the question and you said yes, where do you go from there?  Enjoy and savour the moment!  You finally got the ring on your finger, show it off and jump around in excitement and let the notion of embarking on the adventure of being a wedded couple take over!  Tell your parents, friends and family your great news and wear that smile proud.

When that frenzy is over…….breathe……. and then get organized.  Get a journal or planner to document your ideas and progress. As well as keeping you on track, it will be something you can cherish and look back on. 

Here are 10 steps to start you off planning your gorgeous wedding day. 

 Step 1 – Set the budget

It is important to do this first so you can gage exactly how much you have to spend. Use this wedding budget worksheet from about.com to plan out what you will need to pay for. This is not a definitive list but it does give you a starting point!

Using spreadsheets could be a good way of keeping all your information in one place. Have tabs for your budget, guest list, vendors etc.

Step 2 – Choose 2 to 3 possible dates

When you announce your news this will be one of the first questions people will ask you, so when is the big day? Also remember that this date will be an anniversary for the rest of your life. Consider the time of year and the peak wedding season as you may have trouble booking vendors or people being away on holiday. It always wise to have back up dates and definitely ensure enough time to plan!

Step 3 – Plan a timeline

Kitchener Wedding PlannerThis is where you scribble down your to-do list.

Write down everything you can think of from your wedding dress, flowers, photographer to nails, hair and make-up. Splitting the day into sections like pre, during and post will help as will doing it from the point of view of the bride, groom, family and guests. You can never be too thorough. 

Go through this list and start with the most time consuming tasks and leave the smaller jobs until later. 


Step 4 – Select your wedding party.  Start your guest list & send out save the dates.

Important decisions to be made here!  Who will be your maid of honour, bridesmaids and a best man and groomsmen for the groom?  Think of special ways of asking them as this is a journey for you all, why not mark the occasion.

Consider the scale of your wedding as the number of guests will impact on your budget. Then again all the gifts could compensate!

Kitchener Wedding Planner

Once you have your list send out your save the date. There are so many inexpensive ways you can do this, either through a DIY project or social media. 

Step 5 – Decide on your wedding style and tone

Consider your ceremony and reception and whether you want a formal or casual affair. Is there a theme you have in mind? Sit down as a couple and brainstorm how you want the wedding to be and feel. Some people know exactly what they and others need a little inspiration, whatever it is make sure you both agree as the big day belongs to the both of you!

Step 6 – Choose & book your venue

Get your booking done in advance! Check out our Find your perfect wedding venue article for more tips. Once this is confirmed you can send out your wedding invites and wait for those rsvp’s to come back.

Step 7 –Inspiration & Research

Get acquainted with Pinterest and create a board with images that speak to you. This will slowly but surely build into an online scrapbook of how you visualize your wedding to be.

Kitchener Wedding Planner

Step 8 – Inquire and Hire your vendors

There is so much out there that any bride to be can easily be overwhelmed.  Check out our article Social Media and Your Wedding for further advice.  Make sure you get all the ins and outs of any supplier and always read reviews and ask to see past clients weddings to get an idea of the potential available from the vendors.  Get all deals in writing, know the cancellation policy and always trust your instinct!  You may want to seriously consider hiring a Wedding Planner/Coordinator if you feel that it is getting to be too much!  

Step 9 – Shopping

Finally the fun part, shopping!  For your dress, décor, cakes, flowers, favours and whatever else you need.  Explore the pretty things, go for gown fittings and tasting sessions and have fun.  Just remember to stay on track and don’t stray from your theme or your budget!

Step 10Finalize details

Almost there! It’s time to confirm bookings, do recces of places and arrange rehearsals. Once you are happy everything is in place, why not pamper and relax yourself before your big day. Book a couples spa day and enjoy yourselves before you become Mr and Mrs. Finally after all your hardwork enjoy your gorgeous wedding!

Happy Planning Ladies!!  



Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination




Wedding Engagement Season is here!


This time of year is one that is full of surprises (namely sparkly ones in small little boxes!!!)  With December 24th and 25th being popular days for the question to be popped, we will be hearing lots of proposal stories in the coming days!  Just what we love! 

If you are one of the lucky ladies ...let us know!  Share your proposal story with us here!  We would LOVE to hear it all!

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Style Wednesdays – Vintage Rings

You know how the saying goes: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

A vintage engagement ring can cover all of the above acting as the ultimate four -in-one good-luck token for the bride to ensure a happy marriage.

Antique or vintage equates to old and perhaps you will be lucky enough to be given a beautiful family heirloom that has been kept in the family for generations. (Preferably with the mother’s blessings!)

It can be new but designed in the vintage style and it is definitely new to you when he pops the question and presents it! As a family heirloom it is essentially borrowed until you have to pass it on and last but not least something blue comes in gorgeous sapphire.

Genuine vintage diamond rings are rare, difficult to find and come in a combination of precious diamonds, stones, metals, age, period, and features.   As advised by Randor Jewellery Inc there are four main vintage diamond ring eras to consider:

  1. Victorian Era rings - in which the style was dictated by the queens, tend to have a serious design comprising of darker stones. 
  2. Edwardian Era Vintage rings - tended to be more light and flexible in style. Platinum became a popular metal and diamonds and pearls were the most widely used gemstones. 
  3. Art Nouveau Vintage rings - tended to have styles based on flowers with very geometric shapes
  4. Retro Vintage Era rings - tend to have less emphasis on the actual gemstone. Larger less precious gems were used in conjunction with more precious metals. This is largely considered the era where yellow gold became popular and widely used. 

So for an alternative and unique ring, take a look at some of the ones we came across on Pinterest. Take a browse and find that special one for you. Happy shopping!


Love Love Love the details on this one below, that’s what I call old fashion bling!  Gorgeousness!!!!

These ones below are simply beautiful and elegant with floral clasps holding the stone giving it that delicate and pretty feel.  This is my favorite, I am speechless!

And finally for the something blue is the sapphire collection we found on ERAGEM. Here are some that caught our eye:



We hope we have inspired you!


Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh – Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

Love Day Desserts!!!

Now we are the first to dig into a delicious and decadent dessert.  Even before dinner!   We thought that we would share some of our faves for possible "Love Day" treats!  

Gentlemen - you can explore your daring and creative side and prepare a scrumptious little dessert for your one and only.  It doesn't have to be a gourmet-Wolfgang-Puck caliber creation.  Sometimes simple is better.  

You are sure to melt her heart!  

{for recipes, click on the picture...}

Valentine's Day  Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day



~ Happy Valentine's Day Everyone ! ~


Kitchener Wedding Planner

Valentine's Day Contest !!!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day we are holding a draw for a wonderful prize pack worth over $175.00 !!!! 

Brides to Be!  Pamper yourself with this basket of goodies and feel relaxed and "Zen" while you prepare for your wedding!  

Grooms to be!  You can take part in this draw too!  Wouldn't this be the perfect gift for your future wife???!!!!  Score some bonus points for winning this awesome prize!


Here's how to enter: 

1.  Go to our Facebook page and click the LIKE button (you, your fiance and all your friends)! 

2.  Then leave a comment on this Valentine's Day blog post with your upcoming wedding date and what your favourite thing is about your fiance!  (One entry per couple please!)

3.  The winner will be chosen from those who leave a comment on the blog.

4.  Entries must be received by midnight Tuesday February 13th.  The lucky winner will be announced on Valentine's Day!  (no substitutions)

Delivery/pickup in the 519 area only.

Stay tuned to the blog to find out if you have won!

Good luck to all !



♥Pink Wedding Inspiration♥ Day 6

Now I can safely say that every bride gets "giddy" about accessories.  Be it for their wedding or just everyday life!  I know I do!  

Wedding accessories - where do I start?!?  There is so much out there that it may be hard to narrow down what you like.  

Today's ♥ PINK ♥ inspiration will help you get a start on pulling together the details of your wedding day!  We ARE all about the details aren't we ladies???




and the "accessory" that started it all.... how gorgeous is this?