~Tip Tuesday~ Children at Weddings

Kitchener Wedding PlannerWhen deciding to invite children to your wedding it is important to make the decision early in your planning process. This not only allows you to make easier decisions about your big day but also allows questioning parents to make plans for child care that day. You also, need to consider if the wedding is in town, this makes it much easier for parents to not be offended or feel overwhelmed to make plans for the weekend.

A question that may arise when deciding on invitation details....... Is it proper etiquette to not invite children to your wedding?  It is totally acceptable to specify no children, especially if it is in the evening and a more formal event.


Another point to remember is that you need to ensure all your invitations are addressed properly. On the outside of the envelope, include the parents' names and then on the inside indicate the children’s name beneath the parents' names. If the child is older then 18 they should receive a separate invitation.

After the invitations are sent out, it would be a nice gesture to call all your friends and family with children and explain why your wedding is or isn’t including children. This is an effective approach especially if there is any confusion about the invitations.  Again, if done earlier in the planning process, it allows ample time for arrangements to be made for childcare if necessary.

If you are deciding to include children at your wedding reception it may be good idea to arrange a kid friendly menu for them to enjoy. Grilled Halibut with creamy lemon zest served over Jasmine Rice just may not appeal to the tiny wedding guest!  

Kitchener Wedding Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Kitchener Wedding Planning

Also, to keep these little ones entertained during the reception, arranging activities at a kids table is a great idea and they are less likely to get bored and make an unwanted scene.  So many ways you can create something that is tailored to the not-so-adult guest!


Article written by Emily Sousa – Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

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