You're Invited!

Wondering how to design your wedding invitations to fit your style?

Look no further, we have some great suggestions here that won't break your bank!

Lace seems to be so popular now and has always had a very timeless feel to it, so why not incorporate it into your invites? Look at how elegant these look and don't cost a fortune! This is a simple DIY that you and your girlfriends can do on a rainy Sunday (IF you can ever find the time)...


Another great idea is to take your engagement photos and choose one or two of your favourites to make into your invitations so that everyone can feel, and quite literally see, the love!


Have a little extra time on your hands? Maybe have a smaller guest list? Then try doing this intricate and interactive invitation you can make at home! Look how adorable it is when you open it up! Nothing says tying-the-knot, than quite literally tying a knot!


All of these simple and personal ideas are easy to do or to suggest to a friend who is getting married.


All you need is a little time, a few great friends (don't forget to tell them how great they are) and maybe a little wine in the mix for them to help you make your wedding invitation dreams come true!

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Real Wedding ♥ Trudy & Matt {October 2013}

When we met Trudy & Matt, instantly we knew that working with them would be a fun experience!  "Clicking" with clients is such an awesome feeling.

Right from the start we were so impressed with how organized the bride was!  So awesome!  My job as Wedding Day Coordinator became just a bit easier :)  Aside from a few details.. we were pretty much on track for a wonderful celebration.

Come the day of the wedding... Trudy looked ah-mazing! ♥ Her gown... stunning!  Fit her like a glove!  Matt .... you looked handsome too ;)

Set at the beautiful Pines event space in Cambridge Ontario... Trudy & Matt tied the knot!

A fun-filled reception followed with group singing and impromptu poetry!  Loved it!

Take a look at the images taken by the talented photographers at Spirits Intrigued Photography.


(Check out the list of vendors at the end of the post!)


A little sisterly love....


Can't forget about the groom!

A moment alone ...

The gang!



How cute are these!!!  Individual cakes as centrepieces ..... that you can dig into!


and now for the first dance!

Photography ~ Spirits Intrigued Photography  / Cakes ~ Just Baked

Venue ~ The Pines / Florals ~ Living Fresh / Officiants ~ Kettle Creek Weddings

DJ ~ Something Blue Wedding DJs / Invitations ~ Minted 

Wedding Day Coordinator ~ Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination


~Tip Tuesday~ Children at Weddings

Kitchener Wedding PlannerWhen deciding to invite children to your wedding it is important to make the decision early in your planning process. This not only allows you to make easier decisions about your big day but also allows questioning parents to make plans for child care that day. You also, need to consider if the wedding is in town, this makes it much easier for parents to not be offended or feel overwhelmed to make plans for the weekend.

A question that may arise when deciding on invitation details....... Is it proper etiquette to not invite children to your wedding?  It is totally acceptable to specify no children, especially if it is in the evening and a more formal event.


Another point to remember is that you need to ensure all your invitations are addressed properly. On the outside of the envelope, include the parents' names and then on the inside indicate the children’s name beneath the parents' names. If the child is older then 18 they should receive a separate invitation.

After the invitations are sent out, it would be a nice gesture to call all your friends and family with children and explain why your wedding is or isn’t including children. This is an effective approach especially if there is any confusion about the invitations.  Again, if done earlier in the planning process, it allows ample time for arrangements to be made for childcare if necessary.

If you are deciding to include children at your wedding reception it may be good idea to arrange a kid friendly menu for them to enjoy. Grilled Halibut with creamy lemon zest served over Jasmine Rice just may not appeal to the tiny wedding guest!  

Kitchener Wedding Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Kitchener Wedding Planning

Also, to keep these little ones entertained during the reception, arranging activities at a kids table is a great idea and they are less likely to get bored and make an unwanted scene.  So many ways you can create something that is tailored to the not-so-adult guest!


Article written by Emily Sousa – Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

© 2012 Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination

~Trendy Mondays ~ Tell Your Love Story!

It’s time to spread the love onto paper and connect with your guests intimately by sharing your love story!  Whether you want to incorporate it into your wedding invitations, party décor or have it as favors, there are many ways to document your courtship and memories so your friends and family can relive those magic moments. 

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not spark a thousand conversations by using pictures to tell your love story?  A little timeline added puts the whole story together!

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Check out some of the DIY projects we found:

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

We just "heart" this idea!!! How cute is a Love Story Map!

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Hope you have enjoyed today's inspiration... remember to make the day about and your fiance and choose elements that reflect both of you.

  Happy Planning!!!


 Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination 

Getting to know your Bride + Groom

Everything about today's wedding planning journey has brides + grooms wanting to be "different than the rest".  To have the unique element to their wedding day that no one else has.  What better way to be unique and different than to tell the story of you!  Every couple's "how we met" story is absolutely one of a kind.  Why not share it.  It's a great way to connect the guests to the beautiful story of how the couple fell in love and made it to the altar!  Check out some ways to incorporate "your story" into your special day!  Who doesn't love a good love story???!!!!!  

~ Happy Planning + Be Inspired!! ~

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning Kitchener Wedding Planner Planning

Article co-written with Emily Godin  ~  Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination


Official Royal Wedding Programme !


Along with a newly released photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Official Royal Wedding Programme has been made available!  

For those of you that are lucky enough to be in London as we speak, the programme will be sold along the processional route for 2 pounds each.  Wow!  For those of you that are watching from the comfort of home, the programme is available online.  Check out the following link!

We are just hours away from the Wedding of the Century!  I will be up early tomorrow!  

~ Enjoy everyone! ~


Digitally designed Wedding Invitations!

I am pleased to share that Style & Elegance is officially a retailer of the newly launched line of digitally designed wedding invitations!  

Introducing........... Apples 2 Oranges!


Owners Ted & Lisa Treleaven of Big Orange Designs have launched a line of unique invitation suites that appeal to the modern & contemporary bride.  

Impressed by what I saw in their "Look book", I am very much looking forward to having one of my clients choose their designs! Check out their photo gallery for a peek at their creativity!


Contact Style & Elegance to see how you can benefit from the discounts I offer on these great invitations!