Tip Tuesday ~ For the Groom!

As soon as you utter the words "engaged" - from that point on it seems to be ALL ABOUT THE BRIDE!!! Well today we're not going to talk about the "girls".  It's all about the "Groom + his boys" today!

Gentlemen, despite what you may hear, you are part of the wedding too.  You can be as involved as you want to be.  Here are a few things that you can be responsible for in the planning process, not just the engagement ring!

First of all, as a couple - choose the wedding date.  It could be something symbolic like the anniversary of your first date, or the day that you met for the first time.  Choose something special to the both of you!   You may need to consider "special guest" conflicts as well.  For those that you would really like to attend.  Try to stay away from holidays if you can... especially religious ones.  Which season you would like to have your wedding is just as important.  Weather can affect your wedding's style + location.  It can set the mood for the celebrations so you need to think carefully.


Second, you need to select a venue for your celebrations.  A lot of places get booked up very quickly so you need to make this one of your top "to-do" list items.  You may be quite surprised that you choose something that you never thought you would!  You need to consider whether you want the ceremony + reception to be in the same place or you are okay with separate locations.  How many guests you plan to have will definitely dictate where your celebrations will be!  Do you want a traditional venue or are you looking to get away from the normal choices and want a unique venue?


It's time to select your entourage!  Who is going to stand up with you and be part of your big day?  There are the usual suspects... brothers, close cousins, friends... and don't forget the bride's brother!  But before you make your decision, consider the size of the wedding and the person's ability to commit to the task of being a Groomsman.  

Can he afford it?  Is he a gentleman?  Does he have the time?  Can you imagine your wedding without him?  May sound silly but you don't just want to choose someone to even up the count.

(Being the Groom is shaping up to be quite the job!!!!)

Now for the part where you can shine and fully take the reigns - choosing the Band/DJ.  When it comes to choosing a band for you reception, always make sure you are able to see + hear them play before you decide.   As a general tip, bands will be more costly than a DJ would so you need to know your preference.  A good DJ will arrive early to setup and make sure that his equipment is placed out of the way of the podium, not blocking the view of the head table and has been tested for sound quality.  You don't want any of that loud shrieking feedback! Some helpful hints to consider... interview 3-4 vendors, ask if the DJ is familiar with your venue, how much experience do they have, what is their attire for the event and clarify the number of hours they will be there.  Dear Groom - you have quite the job on your hands as this is the one element that can make or break the wedding reception!  No pressure though!

This is just a sampling of how the groom can participate in the wedding planning process.  A lot more than you thought huh!  We were just getting warmed up!

More to come gentlemen!