Where Do We Get Married?


Do you picture yourself as a non-traditional bride?
Don't have too many affiliations with a close church or place of worship?

It seems to be more and more popular these days for young couples to be more creative with what space they choose for their magical day. Whether it be for the ceremony or the reception, more and more brides and grooms seem to be looking away from traditional banquet halls and venues.

Here are a few suggestions for you and your loved one to consider...

Outdoor weddings are beautiful and always romantic for a very non-traditional take on your ideal wedding venue, however there are many factors that come into play when deciding inside or outside.
What time of year is it going to be?
What is the average weather forecast for your city/town around that time?
Is it easy to switch from outside to inside if there is a freak storm that randomly comes your way?
All of these are things to consider when you and your beloved are discussing where to say your "I do's".

Another beautiful idea that modern brides are doing is having their ceremonies and receptions within botanical gardens or conservatories! How amazing would it be if you were walking down the aisle with butterflies floating all around the room?! So romantic! 

Not too into butterflies, but love animals? Another amazing idea is to hold your wedding at a local zoo!

Your guests will rave about the beautiful scenery and the exotic take on your special day and will never be able to forget how exciting the whole experience was!

If either of these nature-esque settings sound appealing to you, make sure to consider your guests as well before saying "Yes!" to the venue.

As well as beautiful venues to rent out like the ones we have previously listed above, it seems to be a trending idea to have your amazing day at a familiar family barn.
Asking your Aunt and Uncle for the barn for reception would probably make them happier than you could ever imagine and keep the beautiful memories of your wedding forever on that land. Sounds so touching!

Whatever you decide to do with your wedding space make sure it represents you both as a couple.
Your guests want to be surrounded by your kind of love and not a "cookie-cutter" version.

So make sure you're sticking true to what fits both your personalities and sit back to enjoy the most magical night of your life unveil!

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~Tip Tuesday~ Find your perfect wedding venue!

Choosing a venue is an important decision to make and will kick off the rest of your planning in terms of theme, décor, catering and so on.  A fun way to start is to make a scrap book of magazine inspiration and your taste will soon become apparent!

Type of wedding
As a couple; decide if you want something small and intimate, large and extravagant or something in between.  Will the ceremony and reception be separate or combined?  Religious traditions vs. a civil ceremony?  Budget is obviously a key factor but don’t let it limit you at this early stage.

Narrow it down to a specific area and time of year then choose between an indoor or outdoor venue.  Does a particular date or location bare any sentiment?  Remember, Mother Nature is unpredictable so ensure for outdoor weddings there is an indoor alternative to move into for that ‘just in case’ moment!

Don’t be afraid to use your contacts & get discounted rates if you can! Always ask what is included in the rate (ie: service charges, gratuities, taxes) when getting a quote. Ensure there are no hidden surprises!

Venues may require you to use their preferred vendors and bar or otherwise pay additional fees to bring in your own.

Visiting your chosen venues
Research the venue and read testimonials from several sources. You can ask these questions over the phone first:

  1. Capacity of venue – standing and seated?
  2. Is there a food and beverage minimum?
  3. Clarify set up and tear down times and potential for the rehearsal to be held there
  4. Parking and nearby accommodations and transportation options offered through the venue – accessibility is vital!

When you are onsite, take in the surroundings, make notes and take pictures. That way you can envision what your day may look like.

Trust your instincts and don't sign on the dotted line until you are 100% happy!

Explore your options and find what suits you!  Here are some visuals to help you get inspired!  Happy Planning!




Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination