~ Inspiration Fridays ~ Purple Weddings!!

The colours you choose for your wedding will convey certain emotions, mood + tone.  Many couples choose their wedding colours without knowing their meaning and what kind of tone it/they will set for their day.  

For this Inspiration Friday we are going to draw on one of our favorite colours - purple!  Such a luxurious colour, the use of dark versus light purple can convey two very different moods....

Darker shades of purple create a stronger, more sensual tone for the day.  Royalty and sophistication will eminate from your event!


 ....while lighter shades of purple are more romantic and delicate (our personal favourite ♥).  Giving off a softer feel to the whole day will hopefully put everyone in a more romantic mood! (not that they aren't already because they are there celebrating with you!) 


With so many shades of purple to play with, the possibilities are endless.  You can achieve any ambience such as warm (Plum), fresh (Lilac), exotic (Violet), cute (Mauve), glamorous (Imperial Purple); you just need to find the shade & tone that suits your style + vision.




Combining an accent colour opens you up to SO MANY gorgeous wedding elements. You can apply the colour scheme with class, without over doing it.  Limit it to where it should be used from dresses, bouquets, décor, and even catering but definitely don’t have everything one solid colour.  Here are a few things to inspire you. 



Let your imagination run wild!  Create the wedding of your dreams ladies!

~ Happy Planning! ~



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