Breaking Dawn Wedding!

I never thought that I would indulge in the phenomenon of Twilight... but I recently finished all four books ..... in one week!  I absolutely loved them!!!!  Being the romantic that I am... I was immersed in this series so much that I would be up at a very early hour.... just to read some more!!!    

I did watch the most recent movie - Breaking Dawn Part 1 in theatres and I have to say out of the four movies, it was the best one.  Of course I was interested in the much anticipated wedding of Edward Cullen & Bella Swan!  The setting was so soft and romantic!  

Check out these gorgeous images below and be inspired!  


Bella's Engagement Ring


Wedding Invitation

(Who can see Twilight themed Wedding Stationary in the future?!?!)

Now for the most anticipated part of this phenomenon.... The WEDDING DRESS!!!!

Designer Carolina Herrera had the honour of creating the perfect one for Bella's character. Check out the details ... from start to finish!!



Twilight  Twilight

Beautiful vintage-esque crepe satin gown!


How romantic a setting is this???


Here are some of the details

  • Bella and Edward wed under 160,000 wisteria blossoms.
  • The custom-made designer wedding dress is valued at $35,000.
  • It took six months, four seamstresses, and one high-fashion designer (Carolina Herrera) to craft the hand-made dress.
  • 152 buttons flanked by French Chantilly lace lined the back of Bella’s gown.
  • 17 buttons and Chantilly lace adorn each sleeve.
  • 4 months, 12 sketches, and 3 prototypes later, the shoes were created.
  • Their honeymoon destination, Casa Dino, is an 11,000-sq.-ft home in Brazil (Stunning!!!)
  • The destination is only accesible by boat or helicopter.


Hope you enjoyed and were "inspired"!

~ Happy Planning! ~ 


Digitally designed Wedding Invitations!

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