Say "I Do" to Your own Movie Wedding!-Part II

Be inspired by the big screen and make your wedding day one that you and your guests never forget!  Recreate the Twilight Saga and bring Bella + Edward into your world.  You can immerse yourself where it all happened with the beautiful hanging white blossoms accentuated with the greens.  What beautiful inspiration!

Check out Part II of Say "I Do" to Your own Movie Wedding!

This one is one of our personal faves!!!!

Wedding Planner Kitchener Wedding Planner Kitchener

Wedding Planner Kitchener

Make sure you get Bella’s bridal look with these images from the movie.  All the details right down to the decor, dress, veil clip, shoes and ring!

Wedding Planner Kitchener 

Alternatively you can opt to go for the romantic vampire look and go for the black and red inspired colour theme that will do Stephenie Meyer proud!

 Wedding Planner Kitchener 

Whatever your inspiration is for your wedding, run with it!  Remember it is your day!

~ Happy Planning! ~


Article written by Keenda Sisouphanh ~ Intern at Style & Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination


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