Seeing Shades of Pink!

When you first think of "pink" you may picture a shade something along the lines of Hubba Bubba bubble gum.... at least that is what comes to mind for me!  

Well that's not all that this wonderful colour is all about!!!  

In the world of wedded bliss, the gloves come off and we can see that there is so much more to PINK than simply Hubba Bubba Bubble gum!


Why not start where it all begins...  the *sparkle*!  Whether it's a solid pink stone or just an accent, the shade gives your ring a certain unique touch that sets it apart from the traditional engagement ring.  Gentlemen you've got quite the task ahead of you!  There's so much to choose from.  You better know your lady well :)

Kitchener wedding planner  Kitchener wedding planner



Now that we have the bling taken care of... let's talk about something we love.  The loveliness that is flowers!  Whether they be the romantic type or have that wow factor, they are a statement that is made starting right at the ceremony.  A favourite these days are the peony (*sigh* ... so romantic!).  Lush and beautiful it is perfect for that romantic celebration that will just take everyone's breath away.... such a feel-good choice for your florals!

Kitchener wedding planner

Now if you've chosen pink as part of your colour palette, it does not mean you have to saturate your whole day with it.  You can have it incorporated as a subtle detail with different textures.  For example your bouquets... a hint of pink will be enough to create the feeling you are hoping to achieve.  Such lovely combinations are shown below... don't rule anything out :)

Kitchener wedding planner Kitchener wedding planner 


We will be back with more pink wedding goodness...

For your "fix" until then.. check out our "Pinks and Pearls" inspiration board!




Hello again my lovely brides-to-be!  We're here to get your creative juices flowing!

Today's inspiration is really ..... "heaven scent"

- a little play on words there!   (Had to do it!)

Nature's beauty incorporated into one of the most important days of your life!  Your wedding!

Check out a friend of ours who has made a living out of her passion.  So much talent!  

Contact Fleurs de Loulou to see what they can do for you!  Here is some of her work.  ~ Enjoy! ~


Please check out Fleurs de Loulou & their fabulous work by visiting their Facebook page!


~ Happy Planning! ~


♥Pink Wedding Inspiration♥ Day 8

Style & Elegance has been a little busy the last couple of weeks!  Bridal Show season has begun!  That's why you haven't been seeing our ♥Pink Wedding Inspiration♥ blogs!  

We are determined to catch up and we are starting off with the amazing works of art!  

When it comes to the focal point of each guest table.. you really can make them a reflection of your personal style and taste.  Whether it be a representation of your simplistic, minimalist style or your over the top, bold nature, you will be able to wow your guests as soon as they walk into the room!

Hope you are inspired by all of these Pink Table Designs!  They really are one of a kind!


How romantic is this one!

Now for those of you who want to make that "WOW" statement, here are some designs that will serve as great wedding inspriation!

Now the last is an absolute eye catcher!

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♥ Pink Wedding Inspiration ♥ Day 3

When it comes to the colour pink ..............  there is no shortage of inspiration in the world of weddings!  It was so hard to choose the visuals for today!

With that being said, welcome to the world of wedding flowers!!!

Let us know which one catches your eye!


How exotic looking!

Love this!!!

For more inspiration, check out WR Designs

For more inspiration, check out WR Designs


Click on the link to donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.